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The mission of Nonprofit-Facilitator is to freely(*) share our management knowledge with startup and small charitable nonprofit organizations.

(*) Freely: (a) without restrictions and (b) without fees.

To support this mission, we also provide for-fee services to established nonprofits and for-fee website services.



What we do

We provide facilitation services to help organizations with strategic planning, teambuilding, staff meetings & retreats, and critical board meetings. We provide volunteer facilitation services to organizations in the Greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We provide for-fee facilitation services in the Pacific Northwest, and for-fee website services nationwide.

How we serve


We offer free facilitation of your meetings from a few hours up to 2 days, with up to 20 participants. Some common facilitation options include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Teambuilding
  • Staff meetings and retreats
  • Critical board meetings

What we value

We are dedicated to the common good and are commited to providing it in a systematic & knowledge-based approach, with a seriousness of purpose and a relentless drive to succeed. We are accepting, open, and value cross-cultural perspectives. Above all, we value people and innovation.

Why we do this

We provide this service to participate in our local community, to share our knowledge acquired over lifetimes of experience, to satisfy our own thirst for knowledge, and to meet new and exciting people.